Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dim Mak Master & Martial Arts Champion

So finished up the next 2 guys today.

First is the Dim Mak Master (touch of death master), I figure he looks kind of like Pai Mei from Kill Bill, so I painted him to look a bit like that. They have him as the protagonist in the army, not sure if I like that or not, any way here is that guy.

Second I have the Champion, the bruiser for this group. I decided he looked allot like Ryu from stree fighter so I painted him like that. Was tempted to paint his suit red like that other guy to mix up the colors more, but decided to be boring and just go with white.

Always before I have been cropping the pictures and doing auto-enhance, but decided to skip the enhancing this time around. I think the pictures actually look better this way so I guess I will be doing that from now on. Pretty happy with hose these two turned out, especially the master, but I am not super keen on that miniature.

I got the Tony Jaa looking guy put on a temporary base ready to do tomorrow.

Then I will be done with all the Kung Fu guys I have. Probably will paint an Infinity guy for Friday after that and then some more historical stuff. Not sure what thou. Back to Saga Crusades maybe, but I have some half done WW2 stuff as well.


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