Monday, 8 September 2014

First Post! - Yakuza

So I decided that I would try and start a blog to put all of the stuff I paint in one place, I have been posting them on a few different forums but decided it would be easier to consolidate things. I will post a few battle reports as well whenever I feel like it, or random stuff related to wargaming.

So for the first post I have 3 Yakuza Hitmen I have finished painting, from the Northstar set. I decided to try something a bit different for basing, so I ordered a few fancy resin bases from Micro Arts Studio. My intention was to use their urban bases, but it seems that I have ordered 2 of those and a few of the warehouse bases by accident. They are a bit more futuristic then I would prefer but not bad.

It was a bit of a pain to cut and grind off the existing base tabs to get just the feet, but not to bad. I pinned them and used 5min epoxy to attach the bases.

Anyway here is the first 3:

Have the next few in progress, hoping to have them done in the next few days before i head home for a brief vacation but we shall see.

Please comment if you have any!

Just starting out with this so not sure what the best way to attach pictures and what not is.



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  2. Nice work Mike - I am working on the Chinese demons and the Tong now too

    1. Nice those are some cool models, we will have to try a game sometime. Duncan was talking about getting the Hong Kong Police so should be a few of us that have stuff.

      Kind of makes me regret not getting that big trouble in little china figure they did!

  3. Looking forward to seeing more. Good luck with the Blog.

  4. Looks good Mike...I'll have to work on the Cops so we can go kungfu...