Thursday, 11 September 2014

Eldar - Sprit Seer

Ok so got my Eldar guy finished off. This is another one that has been on my desk for along time so good to have an excuse to finish it off. MY brother / buddies back home like to play 40k so I am going to drink the cool-aid and have a few games of that with them tomorrow evening.

We are going to try a few kill team games with the rules done by the Heralds of Ruin guys:

Heralds of Ruin

They played it in one of the miniwargaming battle reports and it seemed pretty cool.

So any way here is my new guy I painted to lead my kill team:

I never had any Eldar rune decals so I just used an Arab-Israeli war one to put on his robe. I thought it turned out alright anyway. I have a bunch of other Eldar stuff from way back to make up the rest of the armies.

I may post a few battle reports of how it gets on over the weekend, we shall see on that one.


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