Monday, 8 December 2014

Battle Report - Arab-Israeli War - Flames of War Tank Aces Campaign

So we had the second day of our tank aces campaign yesterday, and I took along my Jordanians, as discussed in the previous post. I thought I would put up a few battle reports of the games I got to play.

I decided to got with the Aces skill that increase your main gun range by 4", everyone else went with the reroll to hit skill.

Game 1:
Vs Duncan's Israelis

All the mission were played using the scrap yard mission, basically you roll to see what type of deployment you get (edges, corners, or checkerboard), then for who gets to choose sides, then who first to go first. The idea is mainly to just kill as many of the opposing tanks as you can.

In this game we ended up as corners and I got to choose which side to deploy in. As my tanks have the Taa'a rule currently which heavily penalizes your shooting if you move I decided to sit in the town in cover and not move. So I deployed my M48 patton tanks in the town and never moved. Actually there is only supposed to be 7 of them and it appears that I have made a mistake and used all 8 so it looks like I was cheating all day. The Israelis had 2 Sho'T tanks and 4 AMX light tanks.

The Israelis tried to move around to my flank to get some side shots, but they started taking losses along the way. Only having 2 real tanks makes life very hard.

Here I have managed to take out both of the big tanks, but have lost on due to the fast little guy getting around to the side.

They didn't have enough luck to kill any more so I was able to clean them up for a fairly easy win.

Game 2:
Vs Stan's Israelis

In game 2 I went up against Stans Israeli force, in basically the exact same circumstances, defending the town with corners deployment. This time the Israelis had a bunch of I-Shermans (Shermans with a 105mm French gun upgrade).

They got to go first and started causing me pain right from turn 1, destroying 2 tanks and ducking out of cover with storm trooper moves.

But I struck back and managed to get 1.

We continued trading shots for awhile, with the Isrealis trying to flank a bit. Just lost 1 more tank each so things were fairly close. I had a hard time getting hits, and the Isrealis had a bit mroe trouble making hits into kills.

But my force started to loose the crucial mass needed to get some lucky hits, and it quickly turned into a disaster. I was forced to move allot more then I would have preferred as well.

In the end my force got cleared out, but it cost the Israelis almost half of their force so it wasn't too terrible.

Game 3:
Vs Duncans Egyptians

In the final game I took Duncans force from Game 1, so he could try out his Egyptian force. I had the exact same problem with there being to few tanks and the Egyptians were able to take them out with moderate losses.

They used the town for cover, then advanced into my lines at the double and had me surrounded.

I managed to kill something like half a dozen tanks, but not nearly enough and lost all of mine.

There was also a war of 1812 campaign going on so here is a few quick pictures of that.

I thought they had some nice looking set ups but no idea how it turned out.



  1. That was a good game, thanks Mike.

  2. I thought so to, fun times. Sorry for the extra tank but these things happen you know.

  3. Haha, no died well, lol.

  4. The Sh'ot really aren't worth the extra points given the AT of most of the tanks, I think I would have done better with the Shermans -- but I still would have taken some AMXs because I think they are just so cool (but sadly almost completely useless)

  5. Well for the scrap yard mission I agree for sure. But in a real mission it gets a bit better, the front armor gives you a 50% chance to save damage from the front, and having top armor 2 is a big deag for infantry assaults and a bit of protection from planes. But I still would probably say that they are a bit expensive really.

    The AMX thou I think will be allot better, since they are so fast you can go and threaten objectives, take out supporting elements or weaker platoons. Their gun has a good synergy with storm trooper also since there is no movement penalty. But only 20 points less then an Isherman I think so that is hard to justify.